1. Did you sign up for wefting training on a single needle machine that requires 12-15 steps to make ONE SINGLE WEFT?
  2. Did you purchase hair wefting training videos that also require 15 steps to make ON WEFT?
  3. Did you complete a wefting class and the weft you made sheds after you got your certificate?

If you did, you have just wasted your hard earned money and precious time.

Colleen’s Hair Wefting Training Center

Will train you how to achieve a neat, thin, non-shedding weft in just
3 Easy Steps! NOT 15

It is impossible to maintain a human hair retail business if it takes 15 steps to complete one weft!!!

Do you wan to just sell hair?
Be in the business of selling hair?

You cannot operate a successful human hair retail business with inept training videos, substandard wefting training and machines.

Colleen’s hair processing and wefting training classes will make your dream a reality.

We have everything you need to know about starting your own
Hair Wefting Business

YOU, YES YOU can learn how the rich let their money work for them by establishing their own business, which allows them early financial freedom and better standard of living!!

With our Deluxe Business Plan, we will teach and train you on the fundamentals of owning a piece of an 11 billion dollar industry, establishing your very own human hair retail business from the ground up.

Are you spending $$$thousands$$$ of dollars a year outsourcing your hair to be wefted??

Learn how to weft your own hair and cut out the middleman – this will PUT $$$THOUSANDS$$$ BACK INTO YOUR POCKETS. Sign up for our professional wefting class and enhance your earning potential!!!

Let us help you open your own business, manufacture great quality tracks, and expand your existing salon or retail service and your income!!

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